Buffalo Bills interim OC Joe Brady takes the podium, dishes on his new role and more

The Buffalo Bills made at change at offensive coordinator earlier this week, dismissing the incumbent Ken Dorsey while promoting then-quarterbacks coach Joe Brady to the position on an interim basis. On Thursday, Brady took his first turn at the podium in his new role. Listen in as he reflects on “a whirlwind of a week,” focusing in on the task at hand ahead of the New York Jets, his excitement in what lies ahead, and determination to correct those things that most need attention on offense. In what was his first live in-person presser with the team in any capacity, Brady did well within the span of 18 minutes to deflect those questions that asked him to get into details about what happened with the situation regarding Dorsey. He noted that “obviously, not a scenario that I was looking forward to this year,” while clearly focused on the opportunity at hand. Brady also offered up what he learned from Dorsey in their time together, and what he believes he can incorporate into his own plans — making certain to state the admiration he has for Dorsey. Brady stated: “I’m here because of Ken Dorsey, and I love that man to death, and it was really tough on me and it still is tough on me. I’m not here to speak about any of his play-calling — whatever — you know, as the quarterback coach. If results didn’t happen — which, they clearly didn’t — you know, I’m part of the, I’m part of the reason for that and to blame.” Bills beat and sideline reporter Sal Capaccio asked Brady what he learned from quarterback Joe Burrow at LSU, to which Brady pivoted to the incredible things he sees mirrored in quarterback Josh Allen. Brady also spoke about how his relationship with Josh Allen has grown since joining forces last season: “I believe that we’re as comfortable as can be in terms of if there’s something he doesn’t like he’s going to communicate it and vice versa. ‘Cause I know at the end of the day this is his show and he’s gonna lead us to where we need to go, and it’s about us having to trust with one another, and I believe that we have that.” Joe Brady was also asked to reflect on Allen’s mindset at the moment, and how personally he takes so much of what happens on the field and within the organization — as well as his turnover struggles. Brady exclaimed, including whether he’s concerned about his “swagger” and “where his head’s at:” “Not at all. Give me Josh Allen all day, every day. I’m not worried about him — when I look in his eyes before every game, there’s not a worry in my mind. And I guarantee you that’s the same mindset of everybody in this locker room. I believe Josh Allen’s the best quarterback in the NFL, and it excites me in that I get an opportunity to call plays with him — because I know I feel like he can look down at the play call, whatever you call, Josh Allen’s gonna find a way to make it work, and I have a lot of confidence in that.” Brady presents as someone confident he can bring the “juice” to reinvigorate the offense and right the ship, noting that winning breeds energy — and that it all starts now with him. Brady did admit that he hasn’t yet thought about where he intends to call plays from during games. Asked about what the differences are from his perspective: “Last time I was up and down, so to me there’s an emotional element to being down on the field, being able to look your guys in the eyes, but there’s also — when you’re up in the box, it’s a lot clearer, less emotion, you’re able to see things without having to look at the pictures, so there’s pros and cons of both, and I don’t have any issues being one way or the other.” ESPN Bills beat reporter Alaina Getzenberg had Brady field a question about anything he’s taken from his time as offensive coordinator with the Carolina Panther. Brady quipped: “I made sure, when that last opportunity happened, I made sure I looked back and say ‘what could I have done differently, what would I do differently if ever given the opportunity again.’ So there’s things I think that are naturally just in my mind. I’d be lying to you, with the amount of time this week if I said I spent a lot of time this week if I spent a lot of time, you know, thinking about those things. I believe in relationships with your players and I believe if we’re all on the same page with communication everything’s going to take care of itself.” Brady was of course asked his thoughts on limiting turnovers and doing so in quick fashion: “There’s a lot that comes with a turnover. I think anytime a quarterback throws an interception, right, you see the interception but there’s so many layers that goes into it, whether it’s the protection you know, where a quarterback might feel like he was a little bit flustered (sic) the ball. Or whether it’s like the Giants game where it’s just, doing a move the pocket, and it gets tipped up and goes up there. So yeah, are the turnovers too much right now — but I think it’s us making sure that we’re going through and evaluating, like, how are the turnovers happening, why are they happening, and what can we do about it. And so we’ve spent time doing that, and making sure that we’re pointing it out to our players and that it’s got to be important to our guys. It’s got to be important to our quarterback you know for us to not turn the ball over. It’s gotta be important to our running backs that the ball’s in their outside arm… When we don’t turn the football over, we have a great opportunity to win the football game.” To end his session, Brady commented on his acclimation to Western NY, the Buffalo area, and Bills Mafia: “It’s the greatest. I wear shorts at every practice. You know what I mean? I’m a South Florida guy but this city — I love the city of Buffalo — this place means a lot to me, it means a lot to my family. Just seeing the passion, the passion the fans have, how much they wanna win — I want that. So, it’s fun to be here in this organization and knowing that the fans, the city the organization all is aligned and wants the exact same thing. So I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of that.” For more from Joe Brady’s media availability on Thursday, watch the video embedded below. We’re live with Joe Brady as he takes questions from the media.#GoBills | #BillsMafia https://t.co/4kPxVzmVC1 — Buffalo Bills (@BuffaloBills) November 16, 2023

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