Garrett Wilson reveals how Joe Flacco is an upgrade from Zach Wilson

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The ball is being thrown a little differently in the New York Jets facility right now according to rookie wide receiver Garrett Wilson.

Quarterback Zach Wilson is currently out due to a torn meniscus and a bone bruise. Wilson had surgery on Tuesday but is projected to be back within two-to-four weeks.

With the absence of Zach Wilson, a veteran quarterback is stepping up for the Jets.

37-year-old Joe Flacco is currently the team’s QB1.

Flacco, who is entering his 15th professional season, was a first-round pick in 2008. He served as the starting quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens for nearly a decade.

Now, after a brief stint with the Denver Broncos, Flacco has spent the last two seasons with the Jets.

According to Garrett Wilson, Flacco is throwing the ball a little differently than Zach Wilson.

Garrett Wilson was recently asked about the difference between catching passes from Zach Wilson and Joe Flacco. The rookie receiver stated, “ There’s definitely a difference. There’s a lot of experience there with Flacco. I feel like everything with him, he takes some pace off, can put pace on the balls. You know, he kind of does a good job making the pass receiver friendly.”

Garrett Wilson talks about the differences between Joe Flacco and Zach Wilson:

— Jets Videos (@snyjets) August 15, 2022

The Jets have already stated that Zach Wilson won’t return to the field until he is back at 100%. With the season quickly approaching, this means that Joe Flacco could be the starter heading into the new year. His developing a solid connection with Garrett Wilson could be just what this offense needs.

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