Jets know statement vs. Packers ‘would put the league on notice’

A stroll around their locker room and some conversations with their players and that belief is apparent. There’s a sense they fear nothing, that they feel as if they’re going to take this season deeper than a Jets season has been taken in recent years. 

The Jets are 3-2, above .500 for the first time since 2017. 

Of course that and about $50 will get you a parking spot in someone’s backyard adjacent to Lambeau Field in Green Bay for the Jets-Packers game this Sunday. 

There’s a long way to go. “Marathon, not a sprint,’’ as Bill Parcells was fond of saying. 

But, oh, what a win over Aaron Rodgers and the Packers would do for these upstart Jets. 

“It would put the league on notice,’’ linebacker Quincy Williams told The Post on Friday. “Confidence would go up. We’ve been talking all year about not being the same old Jets, so it would be a statement game for us.’’ 

Running back Michael Carter, only in his second season, but a level-headed, emotional leader, initially told The Post: “It’ll make us 4-2.’’ 

Then he added: “Our confidence is already up and it’s going to be unwavering throughout the season. If we go up there and win, outside this locker room it would be a bigger deal.’’

Defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins, one of the sages in the Jets’ locker room, agreed with Carter. 

“For us, a win up there would do nothing but confirm what we believe,” he told The Post. “But a win would definitely bring in those outsiders, the people that didn’t believe we can win these types of games. It would validate things for outsiders.’’ 

Rankins likes what he sees around him inside the locker room. 

“I think a win [in Green Bay] will continue to confirm what everyone in here believes,’’ he said. “I’m a big believer in not over-blowing one game. It’s important for us to understand that going on the road and getting a win against a team like Green Bay does a lot for us, but it shouldn’t change the way we already believe in ourselves and what we can be. 

“A win up there does nothing but confirm what we all believe we can achieve. If we go up there and get a win, that’ll continue to build on that.’’ 

The specter of playing at Lambeau Field, which will be a first for many of the young Jets, adds to the juice of this game, as does facing Rodgers. 

“If you follow football at all, you understand the lore of a lace like Lambeau Field and all the great players that have played there,’’ Rankins said. “But when the ball is kicked off, we’re playing football whether it’s a parking lot, Lambeau Field or a practice field. 

“There is some lore attached to it, but no matter where we’re playing football our objective is to win another game. 

A Jets win would equal their 2021 victory total in a mere six games. 

“We have a chance to really make a statement,’’ linebacker C.J. Mosley said. “Going into Lambeau Field … we’re at a point right now where we’re competing to win games and beat big teams at their place. Now, it’s all about owning that moment, because we’ve earned it. 

“Now, we’ve got to execute and keep it building.’’ 

Safety Will Parks said he believes “every game is a statement game — especially in this organization the way it has been going before this year. 

“Obviously, Green Bay has been in the playoffs every year [11 of the past 13 year] and is always fighting for the No. 1 seed in the NFC. But this is just about us and what we can control, what we can do to set ourselves up in a tough place to play against a great quarterback. 

“I think a win there would transcend this organization to the next level where we want to go. Going in there and getting a ‘W’ in Green Bay at Lambeau would be one of the most historic moments in Jets history.’’

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