Jets like Kwon Alexander’s ‘legendary’ energy

Kwon Alexander has a habit of using the word “legendary.”

He tells people to have a legendary day. That he’s having a legendary day. And so on.

“Every time you talk to him and ask him a question, he says it’s legendary,” linebacker C.J. Mosley said. “He has a way of rubbing off on people the right way and wanting to get the best out of himself and out of his teammates.”

That personality is why Jets defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich, when asked who sets the tone for his unit on Thursday, said that Alexander “is the guy that kind of unhinges us a little bit.”

“He has such juice and passion and energy and swag,” Ulbrich said. “He’s got a little bit of all that stuff that great defensive players have. And he also has an amazing ability to affect others and influence others and bring people along with him. And he’s constantly challenging and talking. He is the guy.”

Alexander hasn’t been with the Jets long, signing with the team during training camp to fill a need at linebacker. But he’s quickly become integral not just to the defensive makeup on the field but to the chemistry in the locker room.

That’s a reputation he holds dating back to when he was playing for Robert Saleh with the 49ers. Ulbrich joked that he has “17,000 different handshakes” with everyone on the team.

Over a grueling season, that matters.

“He’s been in this system, been in this defense, been around some players here and the coaches,” Mosley said. “Everything he brings to the table, we get on the field, he’s making plays, making big hits, getting turnovers, getting to the ball. Why wouldn’t you want a teammate like that?”

Offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur said it was good to see Zach Wilson (knee) back in practice this week, though he had thrown indoors prior to officially participating.

“Just to be able to get out there, do some seven-on-seven, it’s good,” LaFleur said.

Safety Jordan Whitehead (ankle) participated in practice Thursday. Ulbrich declined to give an update on his status for Sunday against Cleveland.

“I know if there’s any chance on Earth that he can physically go, he will go, cause he’s just built that way,” Ulbrich said.

Will Parks, Ashtyn Davis and Tony Adams would be among those in line for snaps if Whitehead is out.

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