Tyreek Hill says Patriots have ‘some of the worst fans in the NFL’ following Dolphins’ win in New England – CBSSports.com

Tyreek Hill is not a fan of New England fans. After the Miami Dolphins defeated the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football, Miami’s star wide receiver did not hold back about what he heard from the stands.

Hill called Patriots fans “some of the worst fans in the NFL,” claiming they were saying some questionable things during the game.

When asked how it felt to walk off with a 24-17 victory, Hill said, “It felt tremendous, man. Those fans are some of the worst fans in the NFL. And I’m going to stand on that; they are real nasty. Some of the things they were saying, I wouldn’t say in church. So yeah, it felt great to wave goodbye to the fans, and I’ll do it again. Bye.”

Hill did not say exactly what was being yelled from the Gillette Stadium stands.

The 29-year-old has some negative history when it comes to Patriots Nation. During a game in Foxboro in 2018, a fan was charged with disorderly conduct for throwing a beer at Hill after a 70-yard touchdown reception.

Hill, a Super Bowl champion with the Chiefs before joining the Dolphins, complimented his opponents and noted that “it always feels good to beat probably one of the greatest coaches of all time,” referring to Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

Sunday night’s win was not an easy one for the Dolphins, who had to play in a difficult road environment, and lost Jaylen Waddle during the game with a concussion. The difficulties make Hill even prouder of the team for pulling off a victory. 

“To come in here in a tough environment, to win a game like this on a Sunday night, it feels good — especially the way this team played, the way this team battled through adversity,” Hill said. “It just shows that if you put in the work mentally, physically, and come into this game prepared, you’ll be ready for situations like that.”

The AFC East matchup came down to one of the final plays. The Patriots were down 24-17, which ended up being the final score, and a sack on Mac Jones on first down lost the team eight yards that they could not gain back. With 1:10 left in the game, a second-and-18 turned into a third-and-18, where they would only get 14 yards to create a fourth down situation.

Needing four yards to keep their chances alive, Jones threw to Mike Gesicki behind the marker and as he was being tackled, knowing that he would not be able to advance, he tossed the ball to guard Cole Strange.

It was a smart move by the tight end, but after being ruled a first down on the field, upon further review the referees announced that Strange was just shy of the first down. The turnover on downs sealed the Dolphins win, advancing them to 2-0 and causing the Patriots to fall to 0-2, after a close loss in Week 1 as well.

The frustrations of struggling in back-to-back games likely did not help the mood of the New England crowd. 

Next week, the Patriots will head to MetLife Stadium to face another divisional rival, the New York Jets. The Dolphins will host the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

The Patriots and Dolphins will next meet on Oct. 29 at Hard Rock Stadium, where Hill and Co. will get to play in front of their own fans.

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